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Pay Per Click Management

Competition-driven advertising campaigns for AdWords, Bing and Facebook.

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Why paid search?

Search engines have transformed how people find their information. As more consumers use search engines as their starting point for finding what they need, more advertisers are finding great success with search marketing.

No other advertising works faster or can be tracked more precisely than PPC, and paid search is critical for businesses that rely on online sales or leads.

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Stratagem's approach to PPC:

  • Client Study

    Stratagem takes the time to gain insight into your company culture, leadership, history and personality to develop a PPC strategy that appropriately represents your core values and brand positioning.

  • Competitive Research

    Competition drives success. Stratagem analyzes the competitive landscape of your industry to determine  opportunities for you to beat your competition in paid search, display and social media advertising. The information gleaned from this can help develop effective, long-lasting PPC strategies for your business.

  • Keyword Research

    Keywords are the foundation of any pay-per-click account. Stratagem's expansive tool belt allows us to locate highly relevant keywords to your products and services, categorize them into tightly themed groups and set bids congruent with their value and your budget.

  • Proper Account Structure

    Keywords perform best when they are categorized into tightly themed campaigns and ad groups so that you can create the most relevant ad copy possible. A PPC account with a great structure will see higher CTRs, lower CPCs and overall better performance.

  • Ad Copywriting

    If your ad copy is relevant and compelling enough to receive a click, you will have the chance to further lead the user through the buying funnel on your website. Stratagem has written thousands of paid search ads - testing tens of thousands (if we had to guess) combinations of headlines, body copy and ad extensions.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Goals are necessary to determine the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Stratagem can help determine appropriate business objectives and set up goal tracking through Google AdWords.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics allows us to see more advanced detail about user behavior on your website once an ad is clicked. Stratagem makes optimizations to account structure, keyword bids and more based on the information gleaned from this so that your advertising account is consistently reaching its maximum performance potential.

  • Reporting

    It is easy to get overwhelmed by too much data. Clear and concise reporting is a necessity for understanding performance and making optimizations.

  • Remarketing

    It is crucial to stay in the minds of your potential buyers once they leave your website - especially if they were highly engaged or expressed a great level of interest by adding a product to a shopping cart. Stratagem creates remarketing audiences specific to your website funnel and goals for both paid search and display campaigns.

Featured Case Study


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Google AdWords 30-day transformation

Note: Stratagem values client confidentiality. In order to avoid disclosing strategic or financial intelligence, we will avoid using any identifiable information in this case study.

Our Kansas-based, eCommerce client was struggling to generate revenue from AdWords advertising and, with each campaign resulting in significant ad spend with no results, they had nearly closed the door on the advertising channel for good.

Since working with Stratagem, results from paid search and display have been outstanding.


After 1 month:


503.77% Increase

in gross sales revenue.


57% Decrease

in average CPC (cost per click).


323% Increase

in campaign CTR (click-through rate).

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What's inside:

How Stratagem transformed the account in 30 days, including:

How we diagnosed the account.

Understanding red flags related to PPC account performance.

How we planned, strategized and launched improvements.

Results from our optimizations.

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