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Web Analytics

Stratagem empowers businesses to use data to make strategic marketing decisions.

Got data?

Collecting, analyzing and extrapolating data is what separates the pros from the amateurs in digital marketing.

With the age of digital looming in the 2000's, marketing changed forever. Today, successful marketing is a combination of deep learning, scientific reasoning, astute psychology and strategic executions through engaging art forms.

Today, successful marketing is where data and art intersect.

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The realities of the web

The web has empowerd shoppers and brought about profound consequences for anyone selling an idea, product or service online or offline. You need to take concrete steps to acknowledge the new climate and market - or be left behind. Luckily, the web is perfectly suited to a methodology of continuous improvement and iteration to face the realities below.

Reality 1:

Users lead. Businesses follow.

Users are unbelievably flighty and impatient. Online, it is just too easy to find alternatives. If your website does not load quickly, is not accessible on a given device, or does not allow a visitor to easily find your phone number - a competitor's website will.

Reality 2:

The almighty algorithm decides.

Algorithms, like Google's Search, make or break businesses everyday by determining which websites are the most relevant or authoritative for user search queries. Your online presence demands supreme vigilance.

Reality 3:

You have to compete.

Users can conduct product research and comparison shop with extreme precision in just a few clicks. You can bet that they will be checking out your competition, and not just locally - small businesses have to compete with the likes of Amazon of other giants too.

Reality 4:

Companies who invest in the people and tools needed to draw insights from data have a considerable advantage over those who do not.

A website is not a series of isolated pages filled with text. It has the potential to be a key financial and operational part of your business.

So, what can data do for your business?

Nearly any marketing action can be improved with data collection and analysis. Analytics allows you to:

  • Listen to what customers are saying with each click, pageview and point of interaction.

  • Put empirical data about customer behavior at the center of strategy and decision making.

  • Eliminate waste, reward success and plan for the future.


Web analytics answers questions like:

What kinds of visitors purchased something?

Which marketing channels generate the highest ROI?

Where do I lose the most potential customers in my checkout process

Which marketing campaign generated the most conversions?

Which type of content gets the most attention?

How often do visitors return after buying something?

What keywords do people use to find my site?

What geogrphic areas send me the most visitors?


And ultimately...

The be-all, end-all question of web analytics is:
"What should my business do more of, and what should my business do less of?"


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