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Stratagem creates responsive, user-experience driven websites that provide a powerful foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

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Simple and Advanced Solutions for Custom Web Development

We are web developers who get the whole ROI thing.

It is no longer the expensive half-page newspaper ad that grows a business - it is the best website. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Stratagem has the experience to provide a solution for your online presence that provides a foundation for all of your marketing and advertising efforts.

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Stratagem's Approach:

  • Client Study

    Stratagem takes the time to gain insight into your company culture, leadership, history and personality to develop a digital marketing strategy that appropriately represents your core values and brand positioning. The result is consistency across advertising that helps you get "saved" to customers' memory banks.

  • Competitive Research

    Competition drives success. Stratagem analyzes the competitive landscape of your industry to determine  opportunities for you to beat your competition in search engines and online customer satisfaction. The information gleaned from this can help develop effective, long-lasting digital strategies for your business.

  • Buyer persona development

    Understanding your buyers' needs, their decision-making processes and the ways that they might engage with you is paramount for delivering effective, tailored experiences online. Stratagem gets into the mind of your buyers (or members, or prospects) and anticipates their needs by developing these personas along with a strategy to optimize their website experience.

  • Intuitive site navigation and architecture

    Well-planned website architecture enables users to navigate your pages in the most logical way, and helps search engines crawl and understand what your website is about.

  • Custom design and graphics

    No pre-designed templates are used by Stratagem. Every page and feature is meticulously developed around your buyer personas and optimizing for conversion actions on your website.

  • Landing page optimization

    Optimized landing pages help funnel buyers through the conversion process. Landing pages can be optimized for a number of conversion actions, like submitting a form, watching a video, or placing an order.

  • Mobile and responsive framework

    Mobile-friendliness is one of the major factors that search engines use when determining which website to return in search results. Stratagem builds every website using a responsive framework, so that users on any device will be able to access and navigate your website with ease.

  • On-Page SEO

    Stratagem wants you to hit the ground running with your new website, so we include all basic on-page search search engine optimization techniques to help your business get found by your customers.

Advanced Web Development Services



Online retail need not be an overwhelming undertaking. Stratagem can get you selling online with an easy-to-use inventory management system that integrates with many different payment vendors.


Technical SEO

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Featured Case Study

Hutchinson Salt Company

Mobile site design and build

Operating 650' below the Kansas prairie, Hutchinson Salt Company mines bulk salt from the richest bed of salt deposits in the Midwest. And with over 25 years serving the needs of their customers, Hutchinson Salt is a leader in the salt mining industry.



  • Increase website user experience by implementing an efficient mobile-responsive design.

  • Convey the historical significance and commitment to customer satisfaction that Hutchinson Salt is known for.

  • Ensure that products are easy to access, navigate and include all specifications and information needed by the user.

  • Ensure that it is easy for prospects to contact Hutchinson Salt via the website.




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"...We now have a beautiful, easy flowing and informative website to promote both of our businesses. Alison always gave me a quick response to any questions or concerns, but most of all she was professional and pleasant. I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to our future endeavors."

- Don and Theresa Goldman
Safekey Kansas

"I receive compliments on my website constantly and customers regularly say that because of how professional our site looks they assumed we were a much larger shop (I have 2 employees). Alison also made sure the site performs well in search engines and we can always be located on the first page of Google. She is quick and courteous with a killer eye for design."

- Chad Stoughton
Europros LLC

"Alison personally came over and met with our board to hammer out details and also to instruct us on how to maintain our website. Even after the site was up and running, she has been available for questions and further instruction. The best praise I can give her is to tell you to look at our website. We are so happy with it."

Jody Getman
Delos V. Smith Senior Center

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