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Comprehensive account auditing and seamless integration with your in-house employees.

Stratagem's transparent, white-label approach to digital marketing means we can seamlessly integrate with your in-house employees - helping them to make sense of your data and implementations.

And if you're unsure whether or not our services are right for you - allow us to conduct a comprehensive audit of your digital marketing strategies for analytics, web or PPC.

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Consulting and auditing areas:

Google Analytics

It's easy to get overwhelmed by data. If you're unsure of where to go with your Google Analytics data or whether you're using your account to its full potential, consider a comprehensive analytics audit.

Website Planning, Redesign, and Optimization

If you are planning a website redesign or restructuring, Stratagem can help identify what changes can be made to optimize your website’s efficiency, search ranking and overall usability.

Biddable Media

If you currently have a PPC or other biddable media account and are struggling to navigate a path to success - consider a comprehensive PPC audit by to make sense of your data, target areas where improvements can be made and set reporting goals and standards.

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