3 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques

3 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques


On-page search engine optimization is key to improving a website's searchability and visibility, however, on-page SEO can be highly technical in nature. You may be uncomfortable employing on-page methods, particularly if they require editing or adding code to your website. You may be a marketer, afterall, and not an HTML enthusiast.

If you'd like to contribute to the search ranking of your website without delving into the complexities of inserting code and scripts onto your site, there are plenty of ways to do so. Off-page search engine optimization seeks to increase the authority of your website with search engines by building a reputable and relevant profile of backlinks and social signals. The more high-authority sites that you have linking to your website, and the more social signals associated with your website, the better your reputation will be with Google and other search engines.

So, how does one go about gathering backlinks? There is not a short and sweet answer to this question, but there are some simple ways to begin developing your backlink profile.

1. Content Marketing


Quality content is in high demand. Users, bloggers, news aggregates and almost everyone online is hungry for fresh and quality information. Take the time to create relevant, educational content and it will be viewed and shared. You can also submit articles to directories or as guest posts to blogs to gain an easy backlink. This includes things like infographics, whitepapers, video demonstrations, or articles on well-researched topics.

2. Forum Participation

Chances are that there is an online forum relevant to your industry and website content. Participating in discussions on these forums promotes your brand and website (be sure to include a link to your website in your signature), allows you to gain potentially valuable sales leads and establishes your business as an authority source for information related to your industry.

3. Blogging


Blogging is one of the key methods to increasing social engagement and signaling a high “freshness factor” to search engines. These periodic updates are to easy to make and don't often require a lot of resources to create. An informal and friendly tone of writing can be used, which means you don't need to be an esteemed author to write a blog post. Maintaining a blog that is relevant to your website and industry will keep search engines and users in touch with your site. Be sure to make your posts easy to share by including social sharing buttons on each article.

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Consistency is key with all of the above off-page SEO methods. Regularly producing and sharing content is sometimes difficult to find time for, but becomes habit quite easily if it is done on a schedule. For example, you can set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of your work day to type a few thoughtful sentences related to your business and current trends in your industry. This train-of-thought method provides a great foundation for writing more in-depth points for articles or other forms of shareable content.


Don't forget to engage your users! Someone at your business should be designated the responsibility of replying to user comments and messages.

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