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Making the Complex SEMple

A Digital Marketing Blog by Stratagem Digital

"How much will this cost?" is one of the most common questions that those considering a new website have. Check out this post to learn about what factors effect the cost of a website and what initial range you budget for your project.
The top positions in SERPs (search engine results pages) have long been hailed as the holy grail of organic visibility – and no doubt, everyone wants to be there. As the ultimate measure of SEO success, though, rank as we know it is dead.
Sitemaps are a vital, yet often overlooked, part of creating an SEO-friendly website. A sitemap is a list of URLs for all of your website pages that provides the necessary paths for web crawlers to discover pages on your website.
With web analytics, you have at your disposal a robust tool to gain in-depth understanding about your website users. Every click and pageview tells a story about what your users want, how to keep them coming back and ultimately how to convert them…
Off-page search engine optimization seeks to increase the authority of your website with search engines by building a reputable and relevant profile of backlinks and social signals. If you'd like to contribute to the search ranking of your website…

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