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Scientific Digital Marketing

Stratagem empowers businesses to use data to make strategic marketing decisions.

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Who We Are

Stratagem is a scientific digital marketing ally.

We are proud of our ability to draw actionable insights from data and employ search engine marketing techniques that drive online conversions.

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  • • Transparent

  • • Data-Driven

  • • ROI-Focused

  • • Empirically Motivated


Web Analytics

Collecting, analyzing and extrapolating data is what separates the pros from the amateurs in digital marketing. We believe that every marketing action can be made more profitable using web analytics.

What can data do for your business?


Website Design and Development

A well-designed presence online will increase sales leads and conversions, as well as provide an amazing tool for marketing your business with measurable results.

We are web developers who get the whole ROI thing.


PPC (Paid Search and Biddable Media)

Advertising via pay-per-click and other biddable media campaigns are a necessity for reaching new customers online.

We can increase the profitability of your ad campaigns.



Our transparent approach to search engine optimization and marketing helps your customers find you online.

Are you struggling to gain visibility in search engines?



Consulting and auditing for businesses who already have existing digital marketing campaigns.

We can integrate seamlessly with your in-house employees.

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